Monday, 12 January 2015

Walnuts - The Healthy Dry Fruit

 Short but useful information about walnut
                          It’s the seed of a tree, consist of two halve within a hard shell
                     Enclosed in green fruit….

The benefits of walnut for Human Health
  •  They are special for breast cancer.
  • They contain omega 3 fatty acids.
  • They can control on diabetes.
  • They are also beneficial for heart health.

  • They can also Helpful for stress.                                      

Explanations :
                                          Walnut is the seed of tree name nut. Mostly it found in India Pakistan and surroundings. Walnut is a dry fruit its has a tasty nature.
Walnut is used for different pursues as for Medicine, furniture and dye walnut is also used for decorating recipes. Walnut has many health benefits as it is used as medicine for heart related disease breast cancer, it also can control on debates etc.
Walnut is also beneficial for memory and cognitive function as well. Walnut is a big source of omega-3. Which is linked to depression that’s why is very beneficial for depression related disease.
As we know walnut contains biotin (vitamin B7) that helps strengthen hair, control on hair fall, and Improve your hair growth
Walnut in pregnancy -  walnut found very beneficial in pregnancy walnut stave off nausea In pregnancy and boost brain development in the child. . But Harvard School of Public Health nutritionists rather suggest that during pregnancy use of walnut may even decrease the risk of allergic disease development in children.


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